Discover the futuristic world that awaits us.




Connect Me is your expert in interactive global solutions. We offer you a thorough and consistent expertise for your business.

Also, modernize your business with innovative, state-of-the-art tools, accessories and services.



Advice, installations and accompaniments to develop a unique and incredible concept.

Interactive creations, ultra-connected environment, or state-of-the-art equipment. Connect Me adapts to you, your customers and your teams.



Let us redefine the codes of tomorrow together with avant-garde concepts it is our will.

In this way, we unify the technology at the service of your company in order to obtain better performances and an incredible aura.

Exceed conventions and innovate differently


Our philosophy is based on two complementary experiences of each other.

On the one hand, the search to go even further, always higher with innovative tools, modern and at the forefront of technology.

But what would technology be without design?

Our partnership with one of the largest architects in France allows us to offer solutions worked and studied to fully align with your world, whether by furniture, lighting or architecture.


Consulting and audit in Digital Strategy


Advice, installations and accompaniments to modernize and develop a unique and incredible concept.

Interactive creations, ultra-connected environment, or state-of-the-art equipment (Holograms ...) Connect Me adapts to you, your customers and your teams.

Work with local authorities, supermarkets or independent traders.

Connect Me acts with its partners in total verticality and offers all-in-one to facilitate your efforts and optimize our solutions.


A specialization in the medical world


Our flagship project is certainly the modernization and digitization of one of the largest clinics in France.

Our study focused on 2 perimeters:

On the one hand, start from scratch on the design of the establishment with modern and functional lines and especially an atypical atmosphere where the patient feels good.

Our 2 architects then take inspiration from the greatest science-fiction hits: from Avatar, to Star Wars or Blade Runner and thus draw a unique and incredible concept!

On the other hand, bring the clinic into the era of tomorrow in order to be between 10 and 15 years ahead of international competition.

Holograms, touch walls, floating projections, connected tables, markup and light path.

Everything is there to make this clinic. A unique place in the world.


Let's enter the 3rd industrial revolution


Connected society is no longer a utopia, but a reality. Indeed, many Smart City's projects are born around the world. From the USA to Asia or Africa, the goal is the same:

Better to consume, to better interact, to better inform oneself, to have fun ...

Connect Me has surrounded itself with architectural specialists, visionaries, developers and industrialists, to propose feasible projects, whether on a small scale or on projects like Europa City.

Simplify and streamline parking in cities, or act and communicate directly on a cell phone, simply via tags scattered in the city. This is one of the new ways to work effectively now.

Interactivity, automation, renewable energies, transport, communication ...

All this is a range of what Connect Me can provide.